Can you even call your kitchen a kitchen if it doesn’t have a functioning oven and stove? These appliances have been defining features of kitchens for as long as they have existed. Without them, you would be left to live off takeout and leftovers. For this reason, oven and stove services are vital to keeping your kitchen up and running. However, you might not be sure about when to seek oven and stove services. Luckily, you can find out by reading this blog.

When To Seek Oven And Stove Services: 7 Situations

If you aren’t sure when to seek oven and stove services, this blog will help you by describing specific scenarios where professional attention is required. Here are seven situations that require professional oven and stove services:

1. Gaseous Odors

One scenario where you should call oven and stove services right away is if gaseous odors permeate your indoor air. The presence of these smells is usually a sign of a gas leak originating from your stove. The health of you and your loved ones could be put at risk, and the presence of the gas in question could potentially lead to a fire.

2. Over Or Undercooked Food

Do you tend to keep your oven and stove settings consistent when preparing specific meals? If so, you might be caught off-guard if you find the meal that usually comes out just right is over or undercooked, with settings that would otherwise ensure a well-prepared dish. You might shrug and decide it’s just a fluke and carry on with your day, only for the same thing to happen again the next evening. If the settings are the same as usual, but your meals are still coming out over or undercooked, call an oven and stove service to get to the bottom of this problem right away.

3. Preheating Takes Too Long

Preheating is supposed to save time in the cooking process. But have you noticed that it’s been taking more than just a few minutes for your oven to finish preheating? Longer preheat times are usually a sign that a part of your oven needs replacing, so call an appliance repair service to handle returning your oven’s preheating capabilities to their original strength.

4. Strange Noises

Is your cooktop making an incessant clicking sound? Do you hear strange noises while your oven runs? Before seeking oven and stove services, consult the user manuals to see if there’s any way you can troubleshoot a number of problems that could result in those noises. Only contact a professional after you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting techniques you can safely complete.

5. Glass Electric Stovetop Is Broken

Do you use a glass electric stovetop? If so, you want to keep your eyes open for any signs of cracks and breaks in the glass. A cracked glass stovetop isn’t safe to use for cooking, so you want an appliance repair professional to come in and replace it as soon as possible. Then, you can return to safely preparing breakfast and dinner.

oven and stove services stovetop broken

6. Cooktop Won’t Ignite Or Turn Off

Is your cooktop failing to ignite no matter how many times you turn and press the dial? Are you dealing with the opposite situation, where the light on the cooktop won’t seem to turn off? This activity from your cooktop is typically symptomatic of either a part needing replacing or an issue with the heating element, and only a professional has the training to handle those issues.

7. Your Oven Or Stove Is Nearing The End Of Its Lifespan

Most ovens and stoves have a lifespan of 10-15 years. If either appliance is within that age range and starts showing signs of problems, your best bet is to have an appliance technician come in to replace it.

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